Thursday, July 1, 2010

Talk To The Hand That Heals

I don’t know how many people believe in the power of healing but God through those who are healing prophets and the healings that took place when Christ was on earth and then all of the healings that took place once the disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit has increased my faith when it comes to healing. Because of my faith on healing, I have encouraged others to believe that God is a healer. I remember the day that one of my co-workers called me to say she was going to have some test done based on what the doctor had seen in an exam. We went into the bathroom and went in agreement through prayer that her test result would come back negative. She eventually got the report that everything was fine. I remember another time when one of my friends had problems with her back and I went to her house with a couple of other ladies and we laid hands on her and prayed and her pain left her. When I pray, I always ask God to heal those who have aches, pain, tumors, blood disorders, depression, diabetes, stress, lumps and bumps and anything that comes to make the body to not function the way that God purposed it to function. I had believed God for some small healings that I had need of and He healed me of those. But a few years ago, I then had to believe God for what I called a “serious” healing when I went to a scheduled appointment and was told that I had to come back in two weeks for further review. That had never happened before. Everything that I had believed for others I had to believe for myself. Its one thing to pray for something but it’s another thing to act on what to do. I had to do what Jesus told the people to do at the wedding when they ran out of wine- whatever he said. Of course the enemy was trying to tell me that I was going to die and that I was having this situation because of some sin I had done. So I became very strategic. I began to cast down those thoughts and even my own imaginations that tried to take residence in my mind about the situation and replace them with what I know to be true – the Word of God. I began to remind myself that God was in control and that it was not time for me to get faint and lose heart. I began to ask God to forgive me of my sins; I exercised, ate the right foods and believed. When I went back for my second review, it turned out negative. How you like that? Even if the test results came back positive, I still had the faith that He would see me through that as well. Now as you meditate on these scriptures you will begin to increase your faith in the area of healing so that the next time someone mentions that there is some kind of ailment going on in their body, you will be compelled to lay hands on them and believe God for their healing. So as you begin to talk to the hand of Him who heals, I’m expecting you to pray with tenacity and believe like the woman with the issue of blood who was made whole as she touched the hem of Jesus garment. I’m demanding you to tap into the spirit realm to fight through spending time in prayer with the Almighty God until you see the healings in your life and the lives of the harvest of souls that you know who are battling sicknesses so that we can experience the miracles in healing that we are entitled to because of what Jesus did on Calvary.

“Because of His stripes He will heal, sickness and disease is not His will.”

Read,Pray,Know,Then Go!

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