Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who Are You Talking To?

I have a friend of mine who is contemplating leaving her spouse. I suggested that she should spend some time with God in His Word so that He can lead her and guide her.

She has her mind made up that there is no hope for her marriage. This is self talk is what I told her. In order to know what God has to say on the matter, I told her she has to get revelation from God.

After I finished talking to her about choices and consequences, she agreed that she does need to spend time with God and in His Word.

God is our protection and he will keep us from hurt, harm and danger. He can help us to cast down thoughts and imaginations that don't bring glory to God.

Here is a scripture that I believe is one to consider when having to make a serious decision:

Proverbs 11:14 – Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. King James Version

In conclusion, divorce is not the will of God and there is no failure in God. Seek wise Godly counsel before making a decision that affects not only you but other family members also.

Read,Pray,Know,Then Go!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talk To The Hand That Protects

Since yesterday was October 31st, the day that Halloween is celebrated, it brought back some scary memories I had as a kid. Here's why:

Growing up in New Orleans was very scary for me. I didn’t know a lot about evil spirits and what to do about them but for some reason, they loved hanging around the house I lived in. I always thought it was because people said that someone was buried under the house. As I would go to bed at night, somewhere during the night, I would see witches and ghosts. Yes, witches and ghosts. It was so scary. When this would happen, I would throw the cover over my head and start calling the name Jesus. I had to remind myself of the warring angels I read about in the Bible that were fighting spiritual wickedness on my behalf. I then was able to go back to sleep in peace. This wasn’t the only thing that made me afraid.

I remember the girl that everyone was afraid of because she could fight really well. So when she wanted to fight me, I reminded myself of the story of David and how he knocked out the giant Goliath that everyone was afraid of. I remember being afraid of being in the house by myself.

The scariest of all my fears was when I had to ride the bus home from my job at McDonald’s while in the 10th grade at 2 a.m. I believe that God dispatched angels to encamp around me so that I made it home safe.

I remember the time when I was standing at the counter of a gas station when a guy decided to pull out a gun to rob it. As the robber pulled out the gun, I looked eye to eye at him but was able to walk away without being hurt. During that situation, I had to pray really fast for God to let no weapon formed against me prosper. I know that there are other children today experiencing some of the fears I had and even more.

I believe that reason I was able to make it through these tough situations was because someone besides myself was praying for me also. Just as I believe that prayer warriors had been praying for me during my childhood, we should definitely intercede on behalf of our youth today.

In the Book of John, Jesus prayed to God for our protection through the power of His name. Pray that God would dispatch angels to watch over his people. Pray that as we teach our children about Jesus, that they will call on His name for protection when they are afraid. As you meditate on scriptures pertaining to protection, let’s believe that God’s grace and mercy will rule, reign and supercede the devil’s weapon that are formed against us to kill, steal and destroy the harvest of souls that are our youth.

“God provides protection for His children, so have no fear for Jesus is always near."

Read,Know,Pray,Then Go!