Womenade Charitable Contributions

How Womenade Began

It all began at the home of Judy Hicks in 2002. It started as a "pot luck" get-together of friends and business associates who wanted to raise money for the kids at Daniel. Womenade was created to do just that....raise money to do things for the kids that Daniel may not have the money for. Our dinner events are an opportunity for like-minded professional women who share a common goal to help Jacksonville’s children to meet every 2-3 months and to network while raising money for the kids.
A Womenade supporter opens their home to the 40-60 women that will attend and sees the camaraderie between the women attending and the daniel staff members who also attend. It keeps the needs of Daniel and the kids in the minds of the women. It also offers them an opportunity to meet staff members and become more involved with the kids if they chose to.
Womenade is women of Jacksonville helping kids at Daniel. To find out more about Womenade and Daniel to determine if you would like to make a charitable contribution by becoming apart of this great group of women, please visit Womenade of Jax

Womenade celebrated 10 years of service to Jacksonville, Florida on April 10, 2012.

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