Monday, March 1, 2010

Talk To The Hand That Provides

Since I was 13 years old and knew about tithing, I have been tithing to the Lord.  Once I was presented the principle of tithing, I didn't think twice about doing it. At first I was tithing off my net income because this is what I was taught and it made sense.  But when I moved my membership to the church I am attending now, I was taught to tithe on the gross amount.  Immediately I began to do that.  I even heard a lady give a testimony on tithing a whole year based on the salary that she believed God for and when it was time for her annual review, she was blessed with an increaase according to how she had been praying and tithing.  Since I was encouraged by her testimony, I did the same thing the next year and sure enough, God did the same thing for me.  I have so many testimonies of bargains I got, unexpected checks in the mail, favor on the job even when there were cut backs.  Not only did I tithe but on the alternate weeks that I didn't get paid, I gave an offering.  If I missed a service I gave what I would have given for the missed service in addition to what I was giving for the service I attended.  Of course, the devil always wants to see if he can trip up the saints when they are doing the right thing.  So, when I went through the worst divorce that I thought there was, I continued to pay tithes and offerings and on top of that, I made a declaration to sow into my Bishop for 12 months.  In the midst of my faithfulness, all of my bills were paid on time and God even birth a business idea in me so that every time it looked like the money wasn't going to be there, God sent me a customer.  Now you tell me why anybody wouldn't want to do what Malachi 13 says about tithing.  Just as things began to go well for me, I encountered another bad situation.  In the midst of tithing, sowing seeds and being a blessing to others, I almost lost my house in foreclosure because of the divorce.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me.  As I began to pray about the situation, God let me see that he wanted to see if I would still be faithful in tithing and giving with this enormous financial situation plaguing me.  It was taxing but it was no more taxing than what Jesus had to go through on th cross.  I began to say that if Jesus could be obedient to the cross, surely I can b obedient to God's word on tithing.  The end result is that I have my house and I still was able to tithe and give offerings throughout that process.  If I hadn't told you what I went through, you definitely would not have known it based on my giving.  Praise ye the Lord!  Now, let's get on one accord and pray for obedience and discipline in the area of our finances. We need to continually have the finances necessary to fund the kingdom for the harvest of souls that will be getting out of prison and need housing, for those who are coming out of prostitution who need proper clothing to get a more reputable job and for those who aren't able to take care of basic needs such as having food for their family.  In the Book of Acts after the people were empowered by the Holy Ghost, they gave to the point that no one lacked anything.  As you meditate on the word of God, watch God reveal to you witty inventions to generate income for you to be fruitful to the harvest of souls who need to know God as a provider.

"Give Him thanks as you sow your seed and watch Him provide all you need."  Author: Terri Jones

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