Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Your 2011 Circumstances Are 2012 Opportunities

As I talked to several people last year, I realized that 2011 was rough year for a lot of them. Some people lost their jobs, homes, children and heck I almost lost my life in a car accident.

Regardless to the circumstances or problems you had, there is total deliverance out of everyone of them! Guess what? If you reading this post, you are still here and alive - thank the Lord!

God wants to use your 2011 circumstances as 2012 opportunities for his Glory. So stop reflecting on them with the mindset that you have been defeated but with the mindset that God was strong in those circumstances to bring you out of them. Let others know about how God came to your rescue and delivered you out of them all. Even if you still have some residue of them, don't grow weary or get faint because help is still on the way.

You will get closer to God as you go through these circumstances as He reveal to you how awesome and wonderful He is. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Yes you may have lost your job but guess what, God has a better job for you in 2012. You may have lost your home, but guess what, God has another home for you in 2012. Yes I was in a car accident but guess what, I had car insurance and my car looks better now than before I had the accident.

In conclusion, let's give God some glory for our 2011 circumstances and situations and anticipate the wonderful opportunities of 2012 as we seek God's supernatural deliverance!

Drop & Give Him 60!
Terri Jones

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