Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talk To The Hand That Gives Life

February is the month that most people try to show some type of love to each other by buying candy, balloons, cards, flowers, dinner, jewelry, clothes and perfume. Since February 14th just so happens to be my birthday, I get all of those gifts from my husband in celebration of my birthday and Valentine's Day. So as soon as February 1st gets here, I start getting excited in expectation of all of the wonderful gifts I will receive. I am also so excited because I am alive another year and still don't look my age even though I'm getting older - LOL.

This year February was even more exciting because not only it is the month for my birthday but my hometown New Orleans Saints were going to be playing in the Superbowl. I began to think about how back during my college days that I used to go to football games in the New Orleans Superdome. I don't know if any other place knows how to have a better time partying than the people in New Orleans. From the start of the game to the last touchdown, the place was just as lively at the start of the game as it was at the end of the game - win or lose.

Now if in the natural thousands of football fans can come together to bring life to a football game, surely in the supernatural realm through the power of prayer in prayer meetings, we can bring life to all the people who are walking in their trespasses and sin. Jesus came to give us life and that more abundantly. As we pray throughout the world to the giver of life for those who need salvation, have lost hope, feel forgotten and who don't know their purpose, I believe that eyes will become open, shackles will be removed and people will be saved, healed, delivered and set free.

I remember doing the wave at the games and when that was done, the football team would begin to play with vigor and determination. Well now I'm asking prayer warriors throughout the land to get on one accord and do a spiritual wave so that when we do the wave in the spirit through prayer with vigor and determination, we can wave away the bondages that people are experiencing, the wrong thoughts people are having, the anger and bitterness that people are walking in, the selfish and stingy attitude that people need to be done with and bring life.

I'm reminded of how in the Book of Joshua how the children of Israel sowed seed towards their harvest and the life God wanted for them as they walked around the walls of Jericho until the walls fell down. That truly was something to shout about because behind those walls were their promise, their inheritance and their breakthrough - the fruit of their labor. As we pray for the harvest of souls that need to receive their promise, their inheritance and their breakthrough, the fruit of our labor will be that people will begin to be loosed from generational curses and strongholds. They will be able to think good and right thoughts, they will begin to have compassion for each other and demonstrate love. They will begin to give cheerfully and willingly and ultimately live life in abundance.

In conclusion, let's show our love as Christians to others through prayer that gives life. Don't let the world out do us in serving the devil than we do in serving each other as we petition God to bring about life through Jesus Christ. Now that is something to be excited about.  And the New Orleans SAINTS winning the Superbowl definitely brought life to New Orleans.  Go SAINTS!

Quote: Beaten, bruised and battered, it seemed like all hope was shattered; but for this the giver of life (Jesus) was sown, so let His life be known.  Author: Terri Jones

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